Oqapy is an application intended to sort files of the image type in graphic mode.

Various options make it possible to use it like simple viewer or to apply  some basic modifications to the image itself like to the properties of the file.

Features :

  • Seek and sorting of images in the local folders by names, dates, sizes, tags, etc ;
  • Management of the metadata, allowing to modify, in the header of the image, author, copyright, tags, etc ;
  • Realignment and redimensioning ;
  • Simple viewer mode and full screen mode ;
  • Import from digital camera ;
  • Export on various formats ;
  • Diaporama ;
  • Layout and printing ;
  • Geolocalisation.


Oqapy is developed in Python and use the famework Qt for the graphical interface,  gPhoto2 for
import picture from a camera and the librairy pyexiv2 for metadata management.

The pre-requisite are detailed on the download page.

Oqapy is published under licence GNU General Public Licence V3.


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