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pyunraw is a CPython implementation of dcraw, the command line application which allows you to decode the raw image produced by some digital cameras.

pyunraw embed dcraw himself, it is written with CPython for Python 3 and produce, after compilation, a Python module.

pyunraw was initially developed for Oqapy, a photografic workflow application.


pyunraw is published under the terms of GNU General Public Licence v3

A minimal example of use:

>>> from pyunraw import PyUnraw
>>> raw = PyUnraw("_DSC2850.NEF")
>>> # Check if this format is supported
>>> raw.is_raw
>>> # Check properties of the file
>>> for k, v in raw.data.items():
...     print(' %-20s%s' %(k, v))
 color_count         3
 bits_per_sample     12
 ISO                 800
 color_matrice       True
 date_time           2017-10-06 06:25:52
 aperture            4.5
 white_balance       (2.0085082054138184, 0.9251936078071594, 1.0760494470596313, 0.0)
 preview             1
 time                1507263952
 multipliers         (529.0, 256.0, 295.0, 256.0)
 image_size          (4310, 2868)
 camera              Nikon
 image_count         1
 focal               62.0
 template_wb         None
 white_adjust        None
 output_size         (2868, 4310)
 icc_profil          None
 color_space         1
 model               D5000
 embeded_icc         0
 shutter             0.01666666753590107

A complete documentation is hosted by Read The Doc


pyunraw is available from PyPI

pip3 install pyunraw

Debian, Ubuntu and friends

pyunraw is available on the ubuntu ppa of the author, append it in your source.list or by Synaptic.


Or in command line:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-vandevyvre/vvv
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pyunraw

Here are some packages:

pyunraw-1.2.0 The module and the instructions to compile 120.3 Ko package icon
pyunraw_all-1.2.0 The complete package with the documentation 141.4 Ko package icon

For Python 3.6 and 3.7

pyunraw amd64.deb Compiled for processor 64 bits 139.2 Ko package icon
pyunraw i386.deb Compiled for processor 32 bits 141.4 Ko package icon

For Python 3.5

pyunraw amd64.deb Compiled for processor 64 bits 139.1 Ko package icon
pyunraw i386.deb Compiled for processor 32 bits 142.0 Ko package icon
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